Gas Fireplaces

We are proud to have added a gas fireplace sales, service and installation department to our list of services. Whether it is an insert in an existing fireplace or a free standing stove, new gas fireplaces are vastly improved over older models in providing clean and efficient heat to any room in your home.

Our technicians take pride in helping you create the ambiance and comfort that a gas fireplace can provide in your home.

Finding a technician that knows and cares about servicing them can be a challenge. Gas fireplaces should be serviced annually to prolong their use and efficiency. We are here to help!

Gas fireplaces have been making a comeback in recent years. Thanks to new technology, these fireplaces have become far more environmentally friendly than they used to be. That makes them attractive to homeowners who also appreciate their old-fashioned charm. New gas fireplaces are similarly more efficient at heating homes than their forebears were. We therefore make a point of both selling and servicing such fireplaces. Our technicians stand ready to install or service your new fireplace. Whether it is a free standing stove or an addition to an existing fireplace, new gas fireplaces are vastly superior to older models in terms of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

Choosing a Gas Fireplace

Perhaps you’re considering the addition a gas fireplace , but you’re concerned that you don’t know enough about them to make an educated choice. We have trained technicians at Hardy Quality Air to servic and install gas fireplaces, so we can help you explore your options and pick the best one. Re-designs and engineering improvements have resulted in new iterations of gas fireplaces, in particular, so these really aren’t your grandfather’s models. Thanks to the resurgence of these fireplaces, just about everyone wishing to own a contemporary gas fireplace can enjoy cost savings and charm that homeowners find so appealing. New gas fireplaces have been vastly improved over time so they’re safer, cleaner and more efficient; some are so advanced, they can easily be used to heat entire rooms, thus reducing power bills.

Great Installation Service

Not only can we provide information about these fireplaces enabling you to make an informed choice, we also know how to install them. We can therefore answer all of your questions about the installation process. We can also service your current gas , regardless of its age or condition. In addition, we will advise you about any possible safety concerns. Getting Started For maintenance agreements, new installations, repair and service – give us a call (831) 722-3242